Deed of Assignment template

Paying the invoice doesn't always mean you own it!

One of the most common misconceptions is that paying for creative output from external suppliers means you automatically own it. This is generally not the case due to various intellectual property laws.

However, if you use the right contractor agreement at the outset, with relevant IP clauses, this should effect the transfer of IP ownership from the individual or business that created it to you or your business.

But what if you didn't use a contract when you commissioned the new IP assets, such as from software developers, graphic designer, brand identity specialists, content creators, web designers, videopgraphers, product developers, consultants, etc?

Our deed of assignment is a handy, two-page, user-friendly agreement designed to transfer ownership (title) in the IP after it has been created. If owning title in the IP you pay for is important, this templated document can be used to help clean your 'Dirty' IP.

Please note: This template was drafted by and recently re-vetted by an IP lawyer, however, it is always advisable to seek tailored advice from your own lawyer, and other business advisers, prior to using any legal agreement.

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