For Accountants

Reduce your firm’s risk and that of your clients…

Accountants, every time you register new business and company names you take a huge risk if you do not also conduct checks of the official trade marks register.


We can easily slot into your systems and conduct trade mark searches and file trade mark applications as needed. We can do this as an independent service and work directly with your client, OR as a white label value-added service under your own brand. (We can also facilitate a 45-Minute IP Training Session.)

RISK: If you don’t include trade mark searches into your business and company names process, you could inadvertently create a huge risk for your client AND your firm because business and company names are not an automatic right to trade with the name (see screenshot below from

There are plenty of horror stories about accountants who have not realised their client’s new business and/or company name is already protected by a third party and not available for them to use, despite any expense and investment they have made including buying domain names, creating marketing collateral, branded stock, and so on.

REWARD: Alternatively, your standard process could be just slightly altered to include the opportunity for your client to secure a registered trade mark, which is a federally granted monopoly giving them the right to stop others from using the same or a very similar name.

WE CAN HELP: Let us help you reduce yours and your clients’ risk and add value to both your process and your clients’ businesses by adding trade mark searches and applications to your business and company name process.

CONTACT US: Email alicia at komoip dot com to discuss this or use our Contact Us form.

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