IP Audits

Why not request an IP audit

What is an IP audit?

An IP audit is basically a stock take of all of your intellectual property assets and issues. We take a fine tooth comb through your business and reveal trade marks, copyright, confidential information categories, and other IP rights, as applicable.

The IP audit process involves the following:

  1. Discovery – through a combination of questions, key person interviews, and a review of requested materials we shake out the hidden IP in your business
  2. Assessment – we then analyze whatever is revealed during discovery and sort it into assets and issues
  3. Report – a report is prepared that includes basic intellectual property registers for your main IP types (generally trade marks and copyright), what the primary issues are, and a list of recommendations and suggested fixes
  4. Fixes where we can assist to rectify any issues revealed we will provide a quote, or alternatively suggest the services of trusted IP colleagues.

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