IP Courses

Today it is essential that everyone genuinely understand intellectual property (IP), especially with the emphasis on innovation and fostering an innovative culture. Intellectual property is a bundle of laws, for instance the Australian Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth), which means that if trade marks impact your working day, it’s crucial you understand the risks and the opportunities.

KOMO® is Australia’s only provider of online IP training courses, which are based on our award-winning founder Alicia Beverley’s 20 year career presenting the topic of IP to Australian business leaders and their advisers.

Who needs to learn about trade marks? You’d be surprised!

Trade Marks – Dynamic Video-Based Courses

Each online course can be completed within your lunchtime and is centred around a dynamic video, includes helpful resources, and is followed by a 60-second quiz to consolidate your learning. Course prices are kept low to encourage everyone – freelance or employee – to upskill.

This series of courses pertain to Australian laws. PayPal and credit cards accepted. More titles are currently in development, however, if you have an urgent IP question, just contact us today.

Please note: These courses do not provide business advice. Everyone’s circumstances are unique and individual business advisers, including accountants and lawyers, should be consulted. No responsibility is accepted for actions taken or not taken based on these courses.