These are the 7 most common mistakes businesses make when filing their own trade marks: Searches: Not conducting searches so
This is the biggest intellectual property myth in the business community and it catches out a lot of business owners
Do you own registered trade marks but you have moved premises in the years since you applied for protection? Unfortunately,
Of Australia's top 25 YouTubers, 32% have made Australian trade mark applications and/or registrations: No. 3  PLANET DOLAN No. 9 
20 years ago today - August 11th, 1997 - TEC chair Barry Upfold gave me the opportunity of a lifetime:
As 2017 comes to a close, it's worthwhile considering what new intellectual property (IP) was created in your business. If
I am starting to see a concerning increase in accountancy practices filing trade mark applications on behalf of their clients.
We need to have a conversation about duty of care in the start-up evangelist/promo space. Last night I followed a
Quick Chronology: April 2013: Google changed its Trademark Adwords policy so that it no longer restricted its advertisers from purchasing
Business and company names are not trade marks Business and company names do NOT provide any automatic proprietary ownership to
By Alicia Mayer A couple of months ago I had a client who emailed me a logo that looked eerily,
I often get asked why I called my intellectual property services business KOMO®. Well, you can thank my hero, Sir
This is a call out to accountants and commercial lawyers (ok, I'm begging): it's time to start asking your high
KOMO® founder, Alicia Beverley, features on the Mojo Radio Show with renowned innovation specialist and speaker Gary Bertwistle and his
I get that start-ups are like the Evel Knievel of the business world, willing to take insane risks and put
Over the years I have known dozens of lawyers and IP attorneys. No, I'm not prone to trouble. If you
It's a funny thing about intellectual property - in my experience of presenting on the topic around Australia and New
Every year there are always a few publicised cases of businesses caught out using photos and artwork without agreement from
Every hour of the business week it seems a new start-up tumbles onto the scene and it's hard to not
In 1997, when I was given my first intellectual property speaking gig with The Executive Connection (TEC), the group's chairman had