We Fix Trade Mark Applications

Is Your Trade Mark Application Stalled Because of an IP Australia Examination Report? We can help!

Have you received an 'adverse' examination report from IP Australia regarding your trade mark application and you are not sure how to respond? Has the trade marks examiner suggested you get professional help from a trade marks attorney?

We can help you! We are specialists in responding to examination reports and have an extremely high success rate in getting trade marks over the line from pending to accepted. (Read our examination report case studies.)

An adverse report means that one of IP Australia's examiners has assessed your trade mark application as not meeting requirements set out in the Trade Marks Act 1995 (Cth). However, the right response to the examiner's objections means your trade mark can be accepted, making it eligible to progress to registered status.

Professional help at this crucial stage can make the difference between abandoning your application (and the fees you've paid the government) OR securing a valuable trade mark registration!

Here’s how we can help you:

  • OPTION 1 ADVICE: We can review the adverse report and advise if the examiner’s objections can be overcome, and of so, what we recommend to achieve this.
  • OPTION 2 RESPOND FOR YOU: If a response has a high likelihood of securing acceptance, our recommendation will include a quote for responding on your behalf.
  • OPTION 3 OTHER ACTION: If a response is unlikely to overcome the examiner’s objections, we may have other suggestions to help you secure that all important brand protection, and these will also also be costed.

Contact us today. In most cases, we will review and assess your application’s adverse report the day we receive it — and at no charge! If we can help, we’ll include a fixed-fee quote with the advice. 

If you no longer have your examination report, just let us know and we’ll obtain it directly from IP Australia.

We will contact you either within 24 hours during the working week, or on Monday if you submit over the weekend.