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If you’re visiting this page, your business’s valuable and vulnerable intellectual property (IP) assets are important to you, and we are ready to help you make the most of them. We can search and protect your trade marks, answer your trade marks examination reports, advise on how to own your intellectual property title and avoid ‘Dirty IP’, as well as conduct IP audits to identify the IP riches and the issues. And check out our range of online training courses for anyone who deals with trade marks. Be in touch! You’ll be glad you did.

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We Can Protect Your Brands!

Alicia Paul Beverley is a registered trade marks attorney and has been searching, filing, and prosecuting trade marks for nearly 15 years. Have you self-filed your trade mark application and received an examiner’s report you need assistance with? Do you want to powerfully protect your brands? It takes a minimum of 7 1/2 months from filing to registration so it’s important to get started on this process ASAP. (Alicia Beverley is a proud member of INTA, the International Trade Mark Association.)

Take one of our online IP courses

KOMO┬« currently offers a full suite of trade marks courses, with several more topics in the pipeline. Whether you’re a business owner, business adviser, brand developer, marketer, comms pro or social media manager, you should understand this vital topic. IP is the foundation of every business and often the every day work for many of you. Each course is engaging, dynamic and reasonably priced.

Does your business need an IP audit?

If you’re intending to sell your business, seek investment, report to the board on IP, or you just want to ensure you have title/ownership to all of your business’s valuable intellectual property, then an IP audit is essential. The fact is almost every business has ‘Dirty IP’ and you want to identify it before the lawyers for the other side come in to conduct due diligence.

Read our articles about trade marks, ‘Dirty IP’, confidential info and more…

Knowledge is power and at KOMO┬« it’s free with our series of smart and enjoyable IP articles. Each one gives you a greater insight into what you can do to grow value and reduce risk in your business though your intellectual property. Reading time per article: roughly 3 minutes.

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